Cushion Cut Diamonds

 A perfect blend of classic and contemporary, cushion cut diamonds have been rising in popularity in recent years. In fact, they are not far from overtaking princess cuts as the second most popular diamond cuts. The cushion cut shape is best described as a cross between the Old Mine cut and the modern round and oval cuts.

Just like a round cut, the modern cushion cut diamond commonly has 58 facets. However, the placement of these facets is quite different. The facet pattern of cushion cut diamonds gives them a softer, more romantic sparkle. This adds to their vintage appeal. Because this diamond shape has been around for more than 200 years, the guidelines for cushion cut facets and proportions are less strict than for most other diamond shapes. Still, modern cushion cuts tend to fall into one of two shape categories: square cushion cut diamonds and elongated cushion cut diamonds, which are more rectangular.

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