Emerald Cut Diamonds

 Emerald cut diamonds are easily recognizable by their unique rectangular shape and open table. Emerald cuts are classified as a step cut, because they have a rectangular shape and facets that run in a “staircase” pattern parallel to the diamond’s girdle. Because they have such an open table, better clarity grades are essential to maximizing an emerald cut diamond’s appearance. Inclusions will be more obvious in emerald cuts, so it is recommended that you seek the best clarity grade possible.

An emerald cut diamond will have anywhere between 50 and 58 facets. The rectangular shape of an emerald cut will flatter short fingers and make them appear elongated. Many choose emerald cut diamonds because of their vintage appeal and because they are one of the preferred diamond cuts for celebrities. Iconic stars from Grace Kelly to Angelina Jolie have sported emerald cut diamond rings.

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