Marquise Cut Diamonds

 Marquise cut diamonds were developed by Louis XIV, named and shaped in honor of the Marquise de Pompadour and her smile. Marquise diamonds are sometimes called navettes, or “little boats” in French.

With 58 facets and a shape that mixes oval and pear cut diamonds, marquise cuts are classified as a modified brilliant shape. A benefit of the long, narrow shape of a marquise cut diamond is that it can appear larger than it actually is. If you have a specific budget for your marquise cut diamond, you can save money on carat weight.

Color and clarity grades are the most important 4Cs to keep in mind when selecting a marquise cut diamond. Lower grades on these two Cs will be more obvious on a marquise cut due to its unique shape. To maximize the appearance and sparkle of a marquise cut diamond, choose one with the best color and clarity grades possible.

For a brilliant selection of the Julius Klein Group’s certified loose marquise cut diamonds, in addition to a gorgeous range of marquise cut diamond engagement rings, explore Ritani.com.

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