Pear Shaped Diamonds

 Pear shaped diamonds are classified as modified brilliant cuts, because they are a blend of the marquise and oval cuts. The pear shaped diamond is beloved for its interesting shape and stunning brilliance. Pear cuts were first developed in 1459, and have since gone through many modifications to improve their sparkle and faceting.

Like round brilliant cuts, pear shaped diamonds have 58 facets. Of course, the pointed end of a pear shaped diamond will cause its facet pattern to appear completely different than a round cut’s. In pear shaped diamond rings, the pointed end is typically oriented toward the wearer’s hand. The elongated shape of pear diamonds will flatter shorter fingers and create an eye-catching vintage silhouette. When it comes to the 4Cs of diamonds, it is important to choose a pear shaped diamond with the best cut grade possible for maximum sparkle.

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